You Can Now Buy Christmas Fairy Lights For Beards

What’s the one thing you always wish you had around the festive period? You’ve already got a case of the finest ales, had a drone last year that you became really bored with, really quick and an unlimited supply of pigs in blankets are a given.

So, there’s only one thing left and that’s to light up your beard with Christmas lights, right?!

 If you’ve been blessed with a good chin of facial hair (unlike myself, thankfully) this is surely going to be top of the list.

Firebox is selling beard fairy lights that flash (added bonus) meaning they’re definitely better than any Christmas jumper and for just £10.99 ($14) they’re probably fucking cheaper lets face it.

The lights are battery powered and the pack is small enough to hide and clip onto your facial hair – now I’ve seen many men with pretty decent beards but there is no way a battery pack would be hidden in there. That’s stuff for the bearded Gods.