Woman stabs friend after unknowingly given real knife outside Tennessee haunted house


by WZTV Staff

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) – What started out as Halloween fun for a group in Nashville turned into real horror when a group says they were approached by someone and unknowingly given a real knife which was used to stab their friend.

Metro Police are investigating the stabbing that happened Friday night outside Nashville Nightmare, a popular Halloween attraction in Madison.

According to an incident report from Metro Police, officers responded to Skyline Hospital to reports of a stabbing victim. Police were told that a group of four friends had gone to Nashville Nightmare and while in line, they were approached by someone whom they thought was a character who worked at the haunted houses.

The unknown person asked a woman in the group if the victim was messing around with her. The woman told police she was “playing along” and said yes.

The unknown person then handed the woman a knife, which she thought was a prop knife and said, “well here, stab him.”

Police said the woman, only playing along and believing the knife was a prop, stabbed the victim. When the woman pulled back, she realized there was blood on the knife, a hold in the victim’s shirt and “blood squirting from the victim’s left arm.” The woman told police she didn’t mean to hurt the victim.

Two others were in the group with the woman and victim, who corroborate the story about the prop knife.

Medics responded to the Nashville Nightmare and transported the victim to be treated for his injuries.

The person who walked up to the group is still unknown.