When Dogs Realized They Were Going To The Vet Instead Of The Park

via Bored Panda

Anyone who had to take a dog to the vet knows that somewhere along the way they always realize you are taking them to the worst place they could ever imagine. To everyone else, Bored Panda has collected some of the funniest pictures of our beloved four-legged friends during these exacts moments, proving their relationship with animal clinics are anything but pleasing.

From tiny furballs to gentle giants, it looks like hating the vet comes naturally to puppies, no matter what breed or age they are. So, if sooner or later they will inevitably realize where are you taking them, maybe save the betrayal and let them know from the get-go? At least they poor creatures would have some time to mentally prepare themselves! Scroll down to check out the amusing pictures and upvote your favorites.