Waters: Moore, Weinstein and the disgraceful culture of male supremacy

By David Waters, The Commercial Appeal

Moralizing Bible-thumpers like Roy Moore and amoral chest-bumpers like Harvey Weinstein have this in common.

Deep in their addled souls, they believe they are special and, therefore, entitled to bend the moral laws of God and the universe to their desires.

Entitled to determine what is right and moral for themselves and for others.

Entitled by might or right to control women and their bodies through intimidation or legislation, by brute of biblical force.

Entitled because they are male.

How else could any man at any age view or treat a 14-year-old girl as anything but a child?

How else could any man, no matter how rich or powerful, sexually harass or intimidate or assault any woman or girl?

Why is no woman you know surprised by all of the recent accusations and confessions and revelations of sexual harassment and assault by men?

Men of every age, color and sexual orientation.

Men of every religious, political and professional affiliation.

Moralizers and amoralists alike, from Harvey’s Hollywood to Judge Roy’s Bible Belt, from Trump Tower to the Oval Office, from Bill Cosby to Bill O’Reilly.

By men I mean males.

A man doesn’t “date” a 14-year-old girl. A man doesn’t touch or grab or grope a woman or brag about it. A man doesn’t use his physical or professional power to take advantage of a woman.

Real men don’t sexually harass or intimidate or abuse or assault women, or try to justify those acts with a checkbook or The Book.

So why do so many males fail to become men?

We’ve all heard or read the grim and shameful statistics. One in five women will be raped at some point in their lives. Six in 1 sexual assaults are not even reported.

More than half of the women you know have experienced “unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances” — one in four by men with influence over them at work.

These moralizing or amoral predators operate in a male-dominated entertainment culture that welcomes men who abuse women and children back to the playing field but bans a man who kneels quietly during a song.

In a religious culture that excludes women from leadership and obsesses about protecting women from homosexual or transgender “predators” in bathrooms while ignoring vastly more common heterosexual ones in homes and offices.

In a male-dominated political culture that chooses a thrice-married man who bragged about groping women over a woman whose husband “did not have sex” with that intern.

In a male-dominated culture that dismisses sexual predation as “locker room talk” or “men being men” or — in Alabama official Jim Ziegler’s defense of Senate candidate Roy Moore — “just a little bit unusual” and even biblical.