Watch John Travolta return to dance with Foo Fighters and cover a ‘Grease’ classic

By Will Butler, NME

Travolta must be a Foos super-fan

For the second time, John Travolta has joined Foo Fighters on stage but this time he dances and duets with Dave Grohl.

Back in April, in Jacksonville, Florida, Foo Fighters were joined by Travolta during a cover of ‘You’re The One That I Want’ from the Grease soundtrack.

Travolta’s arrival prompted huge disbelief from fans, and he’s seen having a brief chat with Dave Grohl before he salutes the crowd and dances off stage. “It’s too much! Thank you and good night”, Grohl remarks of Travolta’s appearance – before making his mock exit from the stage.

However, Travolta has returned to the Foos’ stage to, again, cover ‘You’re The One That I Want’ but this time showing off those classic dance moves that he (more or less) still has.

Watch footage of the cameo below.

For a cover of Rod Stewart’s ‘Stay With Me’, Taylor Hawkins jumped off the drums and let Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith take care of percussion for a track.

Dave Grohl recently opened up about his singing voice in an interview when asked if he was insecure about his singing voice when he first made the transition from drummer to frontman.