Watch Foo Fighters Prank Fans With Fake Stage Fall in Sweden

Dave Grohl sends stunt double to fool crowd as band returns to site of gruesome leg fracture in June 2015

By , Rolling Stone

Foo Fighters pulled a prank on fans Tuesday in Gothenberg, Sweden, where Dave Grohl severely broke his legafter falling off the stage three years ago.

In the opening moments of the band’s return to Gothenberg’s Ullevi Stadium, a fake “Dave Grohl” joined his bandmates onstage and ran out onto the catwalk, where the stunt double slipped and fell into the area between the crowd and the stage.

Rather than keeping fans confused, the band kept playing following the fall as Grohl quickly made his way onstage to reveal the ruse.

The elaborate stunt was a nod to the June 2015 concert where Grohl, two songs into Foo Fighters’ Gothenberg show, miscalculated a jump and plunged into the security pit.

Drummer Taylor Hawkins then took the reins with an hour’s worth of covers before Grohl reemerged, on a stretcher, to finish out the concert. After the show, Foo Fighters confirmed that Grohl suffered a gruesome-looking fracture, and after postponing a handful of shows, returned to the road with a giant throne in tow; Guns N’ Roses would later employ the same throne after a broken foot threatened that band’s reunion.

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