Unfortunately, This is Not a Dream

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin’s Yessica Trevino struck a vehicle while driving earlier this month. Unfortunately for Yessica, that vehicle was a Wisconsin State Trooper patrol car. Officers found two children in the back seat of Yessica’s vehicle, one of which was in an infant seat that had turned over, indicating it was improperly installed, while a second was on top of the overturned infant seat and crying loudly. A third child was ejected from the vehicle and his head struck the median wall, leaving him with a deep cut to his face and crying and repeating, ‘This has to be a dream.’ Yessica admitted that she didn’t have a valid driver’s license, but felt fine to drive, despite having two glasses of wine. Yessica may have felt much more than fine as officers found four opened cans of alcoholic beverages and a pill bottle containing marijuana inside her car and arrested her.