Two Hour Car Chase with a U-Haul

Hardly a day goes by in Los Angeles where there’s not a police pursuit, but few were as bizarre as the one involving Trisha Martinez and boyfriend Harold Escobar-Chavez this week. After police spotted their stolen U-Haul truck, they gave chase, but Trisha refused to stop, resulting in a two-hour chase. At one point, Trisha and Harold briefly stopped to grab a package from a friend waiting at the side of the road, but they drove off again, running over spike strips and crashing into another pickup when they ran a red light. Finally, Trisha stopped the car in the middle of the road and they proceeded to drink booze and do drugs while officers waited with guns drawn. Eventually, they got out of the truck and Harold gave Trisha a hug and kissed her until police shot them with a Taser. The couple is now facing charges, aside from the one they received from the Taser.