This Map Reveals the Most Popular Condiments in Every State

By , Thrillist

Much like cocktails and pairs of blue jeans, everyone has their go-to condiment. Maybe it’s dijon mustard, or hot sauce, or, god forbid, Vegemite. Whatever yours may be, the debate can be exceedingly contentious when it comes to the best add-on sauce or French fry dipping option. But just how much do preferences vary from coast to coast? A new survey is out to help sort things out by revealing the most popular condiment in every state.

 From the number crunchers at product ratings platform Influenster, this new map claims to reveal the specific condiment that is most popular in each state. Specifically, Influenster’s data team went into the back end of the site and analyzed over 50,000 reviews to determine which is the “most buzzed-about” condiment in each locale by weighing the ratings and number of reviews left by members in each state.
 Overall, the mix was quite diverse, though a few favorites definitely stood out.