This Is the Best-Selling Car of All Time

By Marissa LaLiberte, MSN

It’s easy enough to find out which car has been flying off the lots in a given year, but there’s one car in particular that has truly stood the test of time.

 There are a handful of models in the running, starting with a couple of Volkswagens: the Beetle and the Golf (aka Rabbit). Beetles captured hearts as Herbie in the The Love Bug in 1968, which ended up being its top-selling year. They’ve dropped in popularity since, and Volkswagen is ending the car’s production, but with more than more than 22.7 million since its 1938 debut, Punch Buggies still hold strong as one of the all-time best-selling vehicles.

The Volkswagen Golf, meanwhile, was the best-selling car in Europe for seven years straight, until losing out to the Ford Fiesta in March 2017. But the hatchback is still a strong seller, having sold more than 33 million cars over the years, according to data from Road and Track and