The Most Popular Beer in America

Bud Light leads by a mile
By Newser Editors,  Newser Staff

(NEWSER) – People may rave over their favorite craft brews, but the most popular beer brand in America is, by far, Bud Light. Numbers crunched by 24/7 Wall St. prove the point, with the number of barrels shipped in 2017 doubling its nearest rival. Maybe the only silver lining for those hoping to move up in the rankings is that the top four brands all registered decreases from the preceding year. The top 10:   10. Modelo Especial (7.2 million, up 17.4%)  9. Natural Light (6.5 million, down 1.9%) 8. Busch Light (6.4 million, up 0.4%) 7. Busch (4.7 million, down 2.6%)