The 20 Synonyms and Antonyms People Search for the Most

By Meghan Jones, MSN

It happens to even the most fluent of writers, and it’s probably happened to you: All of a sudden the right word seems just out of reach. You know what you want to express—or exactly the opposite of what you want to express—but, to find just the right synonym or antonym, you need to turn to the trusty thesaurus. And, thanks to the Internet, finding the perfect word to convey what you want to say no longer requires a massive book. A plethora of synonyms and antonyms is just a click away. Just make sure that you’re not guilty of any of these hilarious examples of how not to use a thesaurus.

 The Internet also makes it easy to find the most popular of these online searches. According to the team at, the word that people looked up synonyms for most often in 2018 was “good.” In case you’ve considered making the same search yourself, some of the most popular synonyms of “good” are “excellent,” “favorable,” and “satisfactory.” The perfect choice depends on just how “good” whatever you’re describing is!

The team also compiled the full top 20 synonym searches for the year, and “good” is just the beginning. Half of them are commonly used adjectives, descriptors that could use a little spicing up. In addition to “good,” wordsmiths also looked for synonyms to words like “happy,” “beautiful,” and “great.” “Bad,” the opposite of the number-one word, made the list as well, coming in at number 11. A few verbs made the list, like “find” and “create,” and several of the other words can be both verbs and nouns, such as “experience,” “change,” and “help.” Making the fourth spot on the list is the familiar, but perhaps overused, transition word “however.” Check out the full list below…