“Take Your Toppings Off” … really?

The Pizza Hut Swag Shop Sells Branded Apparel and Accessories

Published: Dec 16, 2015
Pizza Hut recently launched an online store that sells branded Pizza Hut swag. If you’re looking for last-minute gift ideas for the pizza-lover in your life, these pepperoni-covered accessories might be the perfect option.

Pizza Hut’s new online store features a wide variety of items that range from apparel to accessories. Some of the standout products include a 60 inch scarf adorned with pepperoni slices, a baseball cap with a doodle of a cheese-covered slice and a sweatshirt adorned with the phrase ‘Pizza is Bae.’ There are even pizza-themed bed sheets for those who eat, sleep and breath the beloved Italian dish.

The Pizza Hut swag is perfect for those whose obsession with pizza goes beyond mere culinary appreciation.

(and there’s a thong? .. lovely)