Suspected drink-driver arrested after he STOOD UP on the roof of his moving car

by Sophie Williams

A man in China is facing up to six months in prison after he climbed on top of his moving car and stood on the roof.

According to reports, the man surnamed Liu is suspected of drink driving.

Footage shows the moment he stood on top of the vehicle in Bengbu City, east China’s Anhui province.

The man was caught on camera riding the white car and moving his arms around.

No one is thought to be driving the vehicle.

Two lorries can be seen driving past him as he continues to stand on it. The man seems to be completely unphased by the two lorries driving past him.

At one point, as the car approaches a crossroads, he can be seen sat on the sunroof to operate the steering wheels with his feet.

However when he saw traffic police, he quickly jumped into the car and tried to flee.

According to reports, he accidentally drove into a dead end and was caught.

It’s claimed that Liu made a successful deal with a business partner which was going to make him a lot of money.

He said he was excited.

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