Still More Dumbasses!

A woman in Vero Beach, Florida, called police to report that the man in line behind her at a McDonald’s drive-through kept bumping her car from behind. When police arrived, the woman pointed them to the car driven by Earle Stevens Jr., who told officers that he’d never had a valid Florida driver’s license. However, deputies did notice that he had an open bottle of Jim Beam in the passenger seat. Despite the fact that Earle explained to officers that he wasn’t drinking while driving, but only taking swigs of his bourbon while stopped at traffic signals and stop signs, he was arrested on DUI charges.


Several people in Kirkwood, Missouri, were so astonished by the sight of not one, but two, Lamborghinis parked at a local gas station that they whipped out cellphones to get some photos of the exotic cars. Not quite as impressive was the minivan that was also parked at the pump. However, the minivan would soon become the highlight of the photos when it drove away without first disconnecting the gas nozzle. The disconnected pump then sprayed fuel into the hot engine bay of one of the $400,000 Lamborghinis and set it ablaze. The other sports car was only covered in ash and police have ruled it an accident. (See here)


The 1002nd use for duct tape is not to secure your boat to its trailer. Unfortunately, one motorist in Abbotsford, British Columbia, found this out the hard way when police pulled him over. Upon further inspection they say that in addition to the boat being secured with duct tape, the trailer had no brakes and a handmade third axle. The driver received more than $2,000 in fines and the trailer and boat were towed away. (See here)


Rob and Tamara Bertrand own Vancouver, Washington’s Northwest Escape Experience, in which groups of friends are placed in a locked room together and must find clues, solve puzzles and compete against the clock to get out. One recent visitor to the Northwest Escape Experience was Rye Wardlaw. Unfortunately, Rye was there after hours to burglarize the place. However, karma also paid a visit as after vandalizing the place and making himself at home, Rye apparently couldn’t find any clues or solve puzzles and his only method of escape was to call 9-1-1. For his next escape attempt, Rye will need $40,000 bail.


Thanks to security workers at Miami International Airport, there were no snakes on one plane. Airport screeners found a live python concealed in an external computer hard drive inside a woman’s checked bag on Sunday. They say the python had been wrapped in a nylon stocking and intentionally placed inside the hard drive for the flight to Barbados. As you might guess, both the woman and the snake missed their flight. (See post here)


You just can’t trust anyone nowadays. After a hacker managed to steal someone’s account information to purchase a computer, they placed an ad offering to pay someone to pick it up and ship it to them overseas. The ad was answered by Wolfeboro, New Hampshire’s Jennifer Wozmak, who duly picked up the computer for the hacker. However, instead of sending it to him, Jennifer shipped the hacker a bunch of magazines and sold the computer and pocketed the money. Alas, Jennifer was also soon picked up by police after the victim reported he’d been hacked and the computer was traced back to Jennifer.


After Britain’s Lindsay Durdle died of cancer on May 31st, her husband Howard notified PayPal of her passing and provided them with copies of her death certificate, her will and his ID, as requested. However, Howard later received a letter from PayPal addressed in her name. The letter stated that she owed them over $4,000 and went on to say: “You are in breach of condition 15.4(c) of your agreement with PayPal Credit as we have received notice that you are deceased…this breach is not capable of remedy.” While technically correct, Howard contacted PayPal and they’ve since apologized and said they’re looking into how the letter came to be generated.



A 62-year-old man allegedly accosted a woman for wearing a T-shirt with an image of the Puerto Rican flag in an Illinois park.