Still More Dumbasses!

Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper has published a mug shot round up from America. The criminals shown were accused of various different crimes, but there was one common theme in that they didn’t portray Americans in the most positive light. The British paper offered snide comments about the inmates’ appearance and choice of hairstyles. However, the ultimate insult was when the British made fun of their teeth, or lack thereof. (See here)


Barre, Vermont, Police Chief William Dodge says he likes 57-year-old part time police officer Lynn Doney and that he would give you the shirt off his back. Unfortunately, Doney is accused of giving someone the shirt off his back, and his pants as well, in a local motel room. That someone was a male prostitute and Doney was arrested on charges of soliciting prostitution and obstruction of justice and is now on administrative leave.


An unnamed agricultural science teacher at Marion County, Florida’s Forest High School came up with a solution to deal with two pesky raccoons that had killed two chickens the class was raising. That solution was to place the raccoons in cages and submerge them in water. The teacher asked that students not film him as he drowned the raccoons, although that request was ignored. The result was two dead raccoons, a number of students left with nightmares, a teacher placed on paid administrative leave and Florida wildlife officials investigating the matter.


When 18-year-old Ja’Net Oneyana Nelsoit and a friend pulled into a closed gas station in Indian River County, Florida, earlier this month, it aroused the suspicions of a nearby deputy. The deputy stopped the SUV and noted in his report that Nelsoit had “a strong odor of marijuana emitting from her pelvic area.” While the deputy didn’t note why his nose was drawn to that area of her body, Nelsoit was arrested after the deputy found apparent marijuana residue on the passenger seat and floorboard where she was sitting. Nelsoit also reported having pot stuffed inside her lady parts, which was extricated at the jail.


For the past several months, Mark and Christina Rotondo have been attempting to evict a tenant from their Camillus, New York, home. After several letters went unheeded, the couple hired a lawyer to draw up the necessary paperwork to kick the tenant out. So far, the legal battle to evict the tenant has gone from a local court and is now headed to the Onondaga County Supreme Court. If per chance you were wondering, the tenant that refuses to budge is the Rotondo’s 30-year-old son, Michael.


Today’s racist getting kicked out of a restaurant comes to us from Fresh Kitchen on New York’s Madison Avenue. After hearing two women speaking Spanish, the dude popped a fuse and threatened to call immigration on them. The man then went into the usual spiel about it being his country and demanding that they speak English. Name calling ensued until the manager tossed the man out. (See here)


If you’re in Miami and looking for work, they have a couple of openings at the Cheesecake Factory. Two workers were fired at the restaurant after making disparaging remarks about an item of apparel worn by a customer. That item of apparel was a “Make America Great Again” hat.