Steve-O Reveals He Once Snorted Cocaine That Was Tainted With HIV-Positive Blood


Steve-O is opening up about a “desperate” time in his life.

The 44-year-old Jacka** star sat down with Graham Bensinger for a new interview that was posted to YouTube on Wednesday. During the chat, Steve-O revealed that, before becoming sober, he went to extreme lengths for a cocaine fix.

 “I had this drug dealer, he lived very close by. I had him in my phone as his first name and then ‘Everything’ as a sort of last name [because] he said, ‘I got everything,'” Steve-O recalled. “I would go over to Everything’s house if he didn’t answer my call… sometimes I would show up and he’d be there and sell me my drugs. Sometimes I would show up and the door would be locked and it was like ‘F**k.’ And then there were sometimes where I would show up and the door would be unlocked but he would be, like, passed out, ‘cause he was very much a drug user as well as a dealer.”