Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart fail hilariously at saying positive things about Trump


Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t the only late night host who saw Trump’s tweet over the weekend that called late night hosts “anti-Trump.”

During The Late Show Monday, Stephen Colbert decided to grant Trump his wish of getting equal time on air with the help of another talk show favorite: Jon Stewart.

In the bit, the comedians tried to alternate between jokes and positive statements about the president.

The only problem?

The most positive thing they could come up with was: “Donald Trump is not a cannibal.”

After watching a clip of Trump telling reporters “you’ll find out” after stating that this is “the calm before the storm,” Stewart couldn’t take it any longer, cursing about the commander-in-chief (which was bleeped out for TV).

“What the (expletive) is wrong with this guy?” Stewart said. “A cliffhanger? Surrounded by military people?”

“Ooh, will Trump give humanity the rose?” he continued, referencing the dating show The Bachelor. “Will civilization make it to the fantasy suite? And calm before the storm? How is all this not the storm? And what kind of sociopath would use that terminology while people are still literally cleaning up from storms?”

Since the equal-time rule traditionally only applies to elections, it’s a good thing Colbert and Stewart have some time to work on their routine.