Some Of The Most Miserable Pinterest Monstrosities You’ll Ever See

Looks like these adorable cake pops…popped.

Maybe somebody fed them Alka Seltzer?


Just kidding, gang.

“What happened?”

“I tried baking these Han Solo cookies, but I ended up with Jabba the Hut cookies instead.”

Chalk this round up to “reality.”

“Expectation?” Better luck next time.

That awkward moment when you let your kid bake his own birthday cake.


“So we beat on, boats against the current, born back ceaselessly into the — SPLAT.”  – Betty Crocker’s The Not Great Gatsby

They seem like a great idea at first, but babies absolutely hate these new all-natural diapers. They’re too slimy!

Looks like this skeleton came back to life…as the Michelin Man.

In stores this Christmas, Sesame Street and Hasbro present: “Tickle Me Hell No.”


More like…vom-elette. What is that hideous monstrosity?!

Poor cake. It looks like it’s been…”under the sea.”

We’re having fun here, kids.

“How was your weekend?”

“Pretty good. I tried baking my own Girl Scout cookies.”

“How’d they turn out?”

“They look like someone pooped on a bagel.”

“Sorry I asked.”

File under: When you try to make a mummy hot dog, but it just looks like an actual mummy.

Looks like the Ghostbusters logo really fell on hard times. I hope he’s alright.

That looks like an STD to me, AKA, a Sprinkle Transmitted Disease.

Just in time for election season… The greatest metaphor for America ever.