Shipping mews: Dartmouth cat sneaks into Montreal-bound parcel

Jackie Lake’s Dartmouth, N.S., household is always hopping with activity.

“Two cats, two dogs, three kids,” she says.

It can get a little hairy, but last Saturday when she did a head count, someone was missing.

 “There was only one cat,” Lake said.

Her cat, Baloo, was missing.

“By lunch time, I assumed he was gone,” she said.

She searched the neighbourhood frantically.

“It was a horrible feeling,” said Lake, who panicked. “A friend of mine made signs at her work. We posted them on poles.”

Lake feared Baloo was long gone, then, the phone rang.

It was Purolator — calling from Montreal.

“She paused and she said, ‘you didn’t ship a cat?’” said Lake, who immediately put two and two together.

Two days earlier, she shipped four boxes of car rims.

“Just one by one, I taped them up and he got in there,” she said.

When no was looking, a tired Baloo snuggled up inside one of the boxes for a catnap.

Unaware, Lake taped it up and shipped off the packages.

Purolator had that package in Montreal within a day.

“My first question was, is he alive? Did I kill my cat?” Lake said.