Series of ‘horrible decisions’ starts in strip club — and ends with man running streets naked after bizarre kidnapping

Travis Gettys

An Oklahoma man paid a visit a strip club at 3 a.m. — and police said that bad decision set in motion a bizarre series of events that resulted in him running naked down a country road.

The man told police that he had been kidnapped by two men during a convoluted robbery that started after he went to the gentleman’s club, and officers were surprised to find his strange account largely checked out, reported KFOR-TV.

About an hour after going to the strip club, the man joined a dancer he’d just met at an all-night diner called Mama Lou’s, where the pair struck up a conversation with two men — later identified as William Trites and Phillip Tullis — in the parking lot.

The victim admired the Jeep they were driving, and one of them said he had others for sale.

All four of them went to a storage facility in Moore, where Trites and Tullis insisted on patting them down for safety purposes before going inside one of the locked units.

Once they were inside, the victim said the suspects laid out lines of cocaine.

The victim and his companion say they refused, but the two men ordered them to snort the drugs.

Then one of the suspects demanded money from the man before driving him to a remove street, forcing him to strip off his clothes and then dropping him off on a remote road.

A neighbor spotted the man and called police.

“There’s a man running naked going west on Bethel Road,” said one caller. “He was going, ‘Help, help, there’s been an accident,’ and I wasn’t about to go out there.”

Police were initially skeptical of the man’s story, but they questioned the dancer — whose story matched the victim’s wild tale.

“As crazy as it sounded at first, it actually did happen pretty closely to the way they said,” said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, of Moore police.

Police assured neighbors that kidnappers weren’t roaming the streets all hours of the night, saying the victim played at least a partial role in what transpired.

“There were a few crimes committed,” Lewis said, “but a lot of horrible decisions led up to him eventually being found naked in Norman.”

Arrest warrants were issued for Trites and Tullis, who have been charged with two counts of kidnapping and one count of robbery.