SEE IT: Bill Murray opens his minor league team’s season by trying to bribe umpires

By Jake Becker  New York Daily News

The 2016 MLB season ended in euphoria for die-hard Cubs fan Bill Murray, so why not ensure the good fortune continues this year in farm land?

Murray, who co-owns and serves as the “Director of Fun” for the Yankees’ Low-A affiliate Charleston RiverDogs, brought his signature levity — and some cash — to the diamond for Thursday’s Opening Day in South Carolina.

Before the first pitch, the actor stepped onto the field to take up a new role as shady baseball executive. As he approached the umpires behind home plate, Murray pulled out some money and slyly offered it to the officials.

The umps, getting in their pregame laughs, stepped back from the bribe as Murray zeroed in and slipped the bill into the home plate ump’s breast pocket.

The official turned down the payoff, proving himself incorruptible as the RiverDogs dropped their South Atlantic League home opener to the Lexington Legends, 6-3.

Still, Murray, who downed champagne with the team last season, continues to earn his made-up title as the club’s kingpin of fun.