SCS explains criteria required for 3rd grade commitment policy (as discussed on this show Tuesday with Dr. Burt)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – The Shelby County School board voted on a revision that requires students to have all the necessary reading skills before they can move on to the third grade.

The board is calling the revision a third grade commitment. SCS says by the time students reach the third grade they are no longer learning to read but rather reading to learn.

SCS leaders have been meeting with parents to discuss the implementation of the commitment and what their students will need to move on to the third grade.

“They will have to obtain 8 out of 12 possible criterias in order to go from 2nd grade to third grade, and those criterias of success consist of not only their quarter grade, but also how they perform on benchmark assessments and universal screenings that takes place 3 times throughout the school year,” said SCS Chief Academic Officer Antonio Burt.