Researchers just found a bizarre ‘headless chicken monster’ swimming deep in the Antarctic Ocean


A “headless chicken monster” was spotted swimming in the Antarctic Ocean, Australian researchers announced Sunday.

The bizarre creature that does indeed look like it’s missing a head is actually a sea cucumber scientifically known as Enypniastes eximia. As if looking like a headless chicken wasn’t enough, it also has a webbed veil and a transparent body that shows its internal organs. The “monster” is also extremely active for a deep sea creature, and can measure up to 9-inches, past research has shown.

It was previously filmed in the Gulf of Mexico, and now the Australian Government announced researchers with the Australian Antarctic Division captured clear video of this odd sea cucumber flapping its veil and appearing to feed or crawl using its tentacles across the ocean floor.

This is the first time the headless chicken monster has been sighted in southern ocean waters, the Australian government noted in a release.