Queen is officially opening the Oscars. Plus, more details from the show’s producers


This is real life (not just a fantasy): Queen is opening Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast.

Instead of the traditional 20-minute set of jokes from a host (because, well, the Oscars don’t have one this year), expect a rock ‘n’ roll start to the awards show (ABC, 8 ET/5 PT).

“If you’re ever heard Queen’s music, I think this will be something that will invite you in in a really great way,” says producer Glenn Weiss. “The music is so well-known that this to us became a really great way to open the show and not be traditional like a normal awards show and depend on things like a monologue.”

More: https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/movies/2019/02/21/oscars-2019-queen-officially-opening-show/2943735002/