Poo makes for a Memorable Tinder Date

England’s Liam Smyth had a memorable Tinder date recently. After going back to his place, Liam’s date used the bathroom. The woman later told Liam, “I went for a poo in your toilet and it would not flush.” In a panic, the woman reached into the toilet, wrapped the mess in tissue paper, and threw it out the window. Unfortunately, due to a design quirk, the mess got lodged in a narrow gap between the house and a non-opening window. Being an amateur gymnast, the woman squeezed into the space to retrieve the poo. While that was successful, the woman found herself stuck in the tiny space. Liam’s attempts to pull her out were futile and they had to call the fire department. While the fire crew was able to extract Liam’s date from the window, he had to start a Go Fund Me page to raise $580 for repairs to his home. (See here)