Parent assaults 11-year-old player at NC youth football game, officials say


Two youth league teams gathered Saturday October 27, at Smithfield Selma High School for what was supposed to be a friendly game of football, but parents in the stands say things got ugly.

“You need to get your deputy some back up out here because we’ve got some unruly parents trying to cause some problems at a little league football game,” a 911 caller said on Saturday.

Victoria Jackson was in the stands Saturday cheering on her son, who plays for the Selma Yellow Jackets.

“The whole time the game was a little bit rowdy because we’re rivals with Princeton, but the whole game was clean,” Jackson said. “They like to say Selma plays dirty, we don’t.”

Jackson says the team they were playing, the Princeton Bulldogs, is one of the team’s biggest rivals, but she says she never would have expected things to turn violent. She says one of the parents assaulted an 11-year-old Yellow Jacket player.

“He just went over there and all we seen was him pick him up and slam him on the ground,” said Jackson.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office arrested 40-year-old Robert Holloman, charging him with assaulting a child under 12.

Jackson said the boy was not injured, but she still worries now about her son.

“It does make me concerned about it because my son is a star player on the team and everybody knows him and now it makes me feel like when my son plays next year they’re gonna be gunning for my son,” Jackson said.