Outraged Woman Burns Husband to Death Because He Refused to Share His Phone Password

By Wesley Wong Wern Han, world of Buzz

“Happy wife, happy life” – That saying has transcended many generations and still proves to be excellent advice. However, as useful as that reminder is, some people just choose not to follow that way of life. And we all know how that story can end up. Tribun Jambi and Serambi News reported that a woman in Indonesia burned her husband alive for not sharing his password with her. According to an eyewitness, the couple was spotted at their house in Pandanwangi, East Lombok, last Saturday (January 12th). The victim, Dedi, was in the midst of doing house chores when his wife confronted him about his password. However, upon his refusal to share his secret phrase, the couple then got into a huge argument regarding the distrust.

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