More Dumbasses!

NCT-127 is one of the hot new K-Pop groups on the scene and they’ve been doing the talk show rounds. However, their stop at Fox’s Good Day L.A. on Tuesday took an awkward turn when the group’s Mark Lee mentions he’s from Vancouver. Host Vanessa Borge then comments, “Very cool, your English is awesome. I love it.” The social media universe was quick to point out that Canada is an English-speaking country and many Canadians responded by asking if she expected him to speak another language such as moose. (See here)


South Carolina’s 19-year-old Ryan Langdale has been charged with attempted murder, weapons possession, and obstruction of justice in connection with the September shooting of his 17-year-old cousin. Langdale told responding officers that his cousin accidentally shot himself while cleaning a hunting rifle. His cousin might’ve set officers straight on the spot had he not been rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency surgery for his life-threatening injuries. However, after the cousin was well enough, he informed police that Langdale shot him after warning him not to eat his salt and vinegar potato chips.


Police in Prairie Grove, Arkansas stopped Victoria Bramlett on Tuesday night after a caller reported her driving erratically. Bramlett failed several field sobriety tests and told police she’d taken the anti-seizure drugs Lyrica and Klonopin. Unfortunately, the DWI bust will likely be frowned upon by her employers at the Arkansas Community Correction facility where she works as a substance abuse counselor.


The Daily Record claims a UK man, who conducted a three-month crime spree dressed like Heath Ledger’s Joker character, has been jailed for 22 weeks. Damien Hammond was wearing a purple suit and a green shirt when he was arrested. His hair was also dyed green. Damien reportedly dressed like The Joker to scare his victims. claims a Strongsville, Ohio woman recently called the police on her neighbor’s yappy dogs. The pocket pooches were in their own yard behind an invisible fence. The 911 caller wanted to file a noise complaint. Officers spoke with the dog’s owner about the complaint.


NBC claims staffers at an Applebee’s in Boardman, Ohio recently brawled with a party of 20 people. The group was there for a gender reveal party. A manager asked the party to step outside to throw confetti. After the bash, the manager asked the group to pick up the confetti. An argument ensued before the group threw menus at servers. The party left before cops arrived. One of the party members left her purse behind. Applebee’s is going to file charges for menacing, littering, criminal mischief and assault