Memphis Animal Services Sees Unexpected Spike in Animal Intake

By Toby Sells, Memphis Flyer

Memphis Animal Services (MAS) has taken in 319 animals over the last 10 days and officials there are now making them easier and cheaper to adopt.

The increase is up 24 percent over the same time last year, according to MAS, and adoptions aren’t keeping up. It wasn’t immediately clear why so many animals have been surrendered to MAS.

To help, MAS is offering to help to prospective animal adopters.

Here’s how:

• Adoption fees for large adult dogs and adult cats are now $40 until further notice, thanks to a grant from Best Friends Animal Society. Adoption fees for urgent pets are $20. (Puppies, small dogs, and kittens are still $80.)

• For the first time in MAS history, they are now including heartworm treatment in the adoption fee for dogs who test positive (and who are candidates for our treatment protocol). They received grants from PetSmart Charities and the Petco Foundation for this.

MAS said it consistently struggles to adopt out large dogs.

”We are almost always at capacity or very near capacity in our full-size dog kennels,” MAS said Monday morning. “We have been able to avoid euthanizing for space in puppies, small dogs, and cats for over a year.”