Meghan’s cannabis farmer nephew to create ‘Markle’s Sparkle’ drug

The estranged nephew of Meghan Markle may not have received an invitation to the wedding of the year, but he is set to mark the occasion in the most unorthodox way.

Tyler Dooley, who works at Southern Oregon Cannabis Connection, is developing a new hybrid strain of cannabis to celebrate his aunt’s wedding to Prince Harry on Saturday.

He plans to call the new crop Markle’s Sparkle.

Although the drug is now legal in the state of Oregon, the royal family may find his plan disrespectful as the drug remains illegal in Britain.

The 25-year-old, his girlfriend Sandra, brother Thomas, 26, and mother Tracey, 52, arrived at Heathrow Airport on Monday (local time) carrying 12 suitcases.

The extended family members from Oregon are in London as “special correspondents” after being reportedly hired by a media organisation to do “roving reporting”.

This comes after the distant family were not invited to the wedding.

Tyler spoke on Good Morning Britain recently and said: “I talked to her (Markle) probably about three years ago.”

Tracey Dooley said she doubted the family would be invited to the wedding.

“I don’t think we are getting invitations, but that is fine, we are so proud of her,” she said.

Ms Dooley is Markle’s former sister-in-law and works as a creative advertising and marketing specialist.

She was married to Markle’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jnr for 11 years and had two sons.

It is understood a number of Ms Dooley’s marketing clients are marijuana dispensaries.