Man With No Pants Falls Through Alabama Waffle House Ceiling, Fights Patrons Before Escaping

By Jason Murdock

Customers of a Waffle House in Tuscumbia, Alabama, were left panicked on Sunday after a man in his underwear fell through the ceiling, following a failed robbery attempt.

The Times Daily newspaper reported today that police officers identified the suspect as 27-year-old Wesley Glenn Bost of Birmingham. After fleeing the scene on foot, Bost is now wanted on first degree criminal mischief and burglary charges, according to Detective Sergeant Wes Holland.

Tuscumbia police chief Tony Logan said Bost had been trying to break into the restaurant’s office above the dining space, by going via the ceiling of a bathroom. After climbing up, however, he tumbled through the floor and into the dining area below. The fall was captured on video.

According to WAAY-TV, he had removed his blue jeans and tied them to the bathroom door to ensure he wasn’t disturbed. Officials said the incident had damaged the sink and toilet. Police chief Logan, Times Daily reported, said it is believed Bost was on drugs at the time.

In a clip of the incident, viewed hundreds of thousands of times (explicit language), the dazed man is seen tumbling onto a table after falling through the Waffle House’s ceiling. One person is heard shouting “hey—don’t go nowhere” as the man tries to aggressively push his way out of the building. “Get off me” he is heard shouting, before picking a chair up off the ground.

As customers film the chaos and shouting workers attempt to keep the man inside the store, he falls to the ground briefly before standing and forcing his way out the front door.

Police said that after exiting the restaurant he got into a car with another suspect. They later left the vehicle and fled on foot. The second man is yet to be identified. The search for Bost and the second man remain ongoing—but Holland said he is confident they will be found.

“We have his car and we have his driver’s license and identification, which he left in his pants inside the Waffle House,” he said, according to Daily Times. Logan said information would be shared with other departments and agencies. Meanwhile, a representative for Waffle House, named as Pat Warner, told Fox News: “We’re glad everybody’s OK—nobody was injured.”

Last week in Tennessee, police arrested a “half-naked” 26-year-old woman identified as Harley Morton, after she fell through the ceiling of a local barbecue restaurant. She was charged with criminal trespassing, vandalism and disorderly conduct, the Kingsport Times-News reported.

It was not immediately clear why Morton had climbed into the ceiling, the newspaper noted.