Man tried to sneak snake onto plane in his pants

By Ben Hooper UPI

Security officials at a German airport discovered a man attempting to catch a flight to Israel was hiding a boa constrictor in his pants. Photo courtesy of Potsdam Customs

Jan. 15 (UPI) — Customs officers at a German airport said an attempted snake smuggler had secreted a serpent inside his slacks.

Potsdam Customs said a 43-year-old man who attempted to catch a flight to Israel from Berlin-Schoenefeld Airport caught the attention of airport security workers when they noticed an unusual protrusion in his pants.

The agency said officers made their “most curious find of 2018” when they discovered a small cloth bag hidden inside the man’s pants contained a 16-inch-long boa constrictor.

Investigators said the man did not have the proper documentation to travel with the protected species when he made the attempt on Christmas Eve.

The snake was taken to a reptile rescue in Brandenburg. Officials said the man will be fined.