Man breaks into police station, takes a poo and leaves wearing uniform

Joe Roberts for

A man who broke into a police station and pooed on the front counter was eventually caught wearing a stolen police hat.

Michael Brennan was filmed relieving himself after breaking in through a side window at the empty Garda station in Lifford, County Donegal, Ireland.

CCTV caught him leaving the station wearing a Garda hat, just before officers arrived at work on September 5, 2015, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

During the early morning raid, Brennan stole two Garda caps, a pocket diary, handcuffs, a car key, a Garda vest, a torch and two Garda radios.

Police took forensics from Brennan’s leftovers and began the hunt to find him.

And it wasn’t long before they did.

You might have thought Brennan would go underground after such a brazen incident, but he was eventually picked up by police in Strabane, County Tyrone.

What gave him away, you ask?

Well, he was caught wearing one of the stolen Garda hats.

Police didn’t immediately realise Brennan, 21, was behind the criminal damage at the Garda station in Lifford, and he was jailed for three months for possession of stolen goods.

But officers later identified Brennan as the man behind the smelly break-in, and he finally appeared in court, where he pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage.

His solicitor, Donagh Cleary, reportedly said: ‘It was a fair cop in every sense of the word.’

Mr Cleary said Brennan was an alcoholic and suffered from drug addiction, but was now being cared for by his father.

Judge Paul Kelly acknowledged that Brennan had already served time for stealing police property, but said he still needed to answer for his ‘disgusting behaviour’.

‘There was a repulsive message in what he did and a clear message was sent to the authorities and also by the way he paraded around,’ he added.