Kids Being Weird

Leaf blowers are great for clearing leaves and for letting dentists check if you have a cavity.

And you think ice cream headaches are bad when you eat them with your mouth.

Nobody likes it when their dinner is burnt. But this kid likes it when her dinner is burnt sienna.

This is either a kid acting silly, or your scariest nightmare has suddenly come true.

You can see more of this kid in the upcoming film, The Teddy Bear Chainsaw Massacre.

A drum might seem like an odd place for a bed…until you remember how bored you get when you go to a concert and have to sit through a drum solo.

This kid was bitten by a radioactive spider AND a radioactive owl.

This just goes to prove that some kids are harder to potty train than others.

We’re not sure if she’s any good at playing the recorder, but we are sure she doesn’t get many people asking to borrow it.

This kid had a little mix-up. First he put his plate on his head, then he ate his spaghetti out of a Fedora.

This kid is half human, half Muppet, and all awesome.

This kid took it literally when he heard the expression, “Trick or treat, smell my feet.”

So I suppose when you sit down, you face the wall, not the floor? Conformist.

Either this kid is weird for getting stuck in the couch, or the couch is weird for wanting to eat a kid.

This kid might be the weirdest of all. Why would you eat dry dog food instead of dog food that comes with gravy?