How to see the last ‘super blood wolf moon’ lunar eclipse for 18 years

Everything you need to know about the rare conjunction of celestial events coming up this weekend.

Things are going to get a little weird in the night sky the evening of Sunday, Jan. 20 (or the early morning of Monday, Jan. 21 in Europe), but don’t worry. It’s just some rare cosmic geometry that will turn a big ol’ full moon a spooky shade of crimson for a spell.

Three elements make a “super blood wolf moon,” but the part that makes it so rare it happens only three times this century is the least impressive. A “wolf moon” is simply the folk name for a moon that happens in the month of January.

Take that away and you’ve got a super blood moon, which is a total lunar eclipse that happens at “perigee syzygy.” I know some people mistrust words like syzygy without any proper vowels, so let’s stick with supermoon from here on.