How the internet is affecting the human brain: Multitasking and relying on Google to jog our memories is impacting on our concentration and social skills

  • Researchers from UK, U.S. and Australia looked at how internet affects the brain
  • Found that constantly flicking between items online reduces ability to focus
  • Also revealed people memorise less and rely on internet to find out information 

Spending time on the internet is reducing our ability to focus on one task at a time – and it means we no longer store facts in our brains.

Our lives have been forever changed by gaining access to infinite amounts of information at the touch of a button, but the way our head works has too.

A new review looking into the effect of the online world on our brain functions from researchers in the UK, US and Australia, has drawn a number of surprising conclusions.

The review focused on the world wide web’s influence in three areas: attention spans, memory, and social cognition.