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This Week on Drake in the Morning

February 29 – March 4, 2016


Tuesday, Kyle Veazey talked about today’s council meeting with 1 issue dealing with regulating public commenting. On the fight between the Zoo and Overton Park, Strickland asked both parties to enter mediation but there has also been a court filing as it’s a battle between the verbiage of each of their contracts. Regarding Mud Island renovation, the RDC will choose and then at some point it will go to the city. He notes how transparent the MPD body cam issue is with the next step being a rollout date this month at 1 precinct. The budget is presented April 19, and he noted the mayor sends weekly newsletters for which the public can sign up. Kyle also discussed the budget in relation to hiring more police officers adding that PSTs will be returning.

Wednesday, Andrew Douglas talked about last night’s Shelby County Election Commission problems at some polling locations. He noted that some people waited 2 hours and some locations only had 2 machines, but “it has become a pattern in Memphis”. The state has been petitioned to take action as state leaders will ultimately have to make the final call. He noted the stories relating the huge number of issues Strickland has with the city needing $60 million regarding police radios and equipment, also PSTs, the parking in Overton Park, MATA, and other issues.

Shea Flinn discussed local issues and Super Tuesday. He explained why he thinks “we’re looking at a party realignment.” He noted Trump is the most liberal, but “it’s the rage that blinds him.” On the issue of parking issue with the Greensward and the Zoo, “had the council known what they were doing (in controlling the Greensward) when the Overton Park Conservancy was created, OPC would have never been created.” On yesterday’s council meeting, the Foote Homes issue (the amassed $30 million HUD grant that the city is supposed to match) was finalized in August although Flinn says the council was unaware until now. He explained different budgets and needs and again noted that the city is providing a level of service and not taxing at the needed rate.

Thursday, attorney Bill Jones gave legal advice while Bruce Van Wyngarden previewed The Flyer. His editorial was about Trump as an ” ‘entertainment-industrial’ complex”. The issue also includes an interview with the Executive Director of the Overton Park Conservancy regarding their parking controversy with the Zoo among other things. Jackson Baker writes about Mayor Luttrell and his upcoming plans, and the Viewpoint deals with Ronald Reagan  and the Republican party as it was then as opposed to now. The cover story deals with a new Memphis outfit “making” meat.

Friday, Reverend Whalum’s commentary was about Donald Trump and this summer’s GOP convention with regard to the intersection of many “roads”. He noted Trump’s antics and the name-calling by Romney and others.