(Good News) Wichita church pays off $2.2 million in medical debt for Kansans

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A Wichita church took on a special task this Easter season and paid off medical debt for thousands of Kansans.

Pathway Church said it took some of the money it uses to help those suffering financial hardships and some of the money used to promote its Easter services, and it used those funds to pay off $2.2 million in medical for Kansans who fell into the hardship category.

The church worked with RIP Medical Debt to target the 1,600 Kansans affected — 500 in the Wichita area. RIP purchases medical debt for pennies on the dollar. Therefore, one penny could pay off $1 of debt; $1 can pay off $100 and $100 can pay off $10,000.

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