(Good News) Wichita businessman surprises Hutchinson McDonald’s worker with a new car


The first time Vicki Anderson served Wichita businessman Chris Ellis in the drive-through at the south Hutchinson McDonald’s, she wondered if he might be drunk.

“He was crazy,” she says of how he addressed her like a trucker. “It was all, ‘10-4, good buddy.’

“Somebody doesn’t usually talk to you like that, you know what I’m saying? . . . I was scared to answer the window.”

Her boss suggested that Anderson have some fun with Ellis and give him back a little attitude, and a relationship was born.

That was the second week of November, and Ellis has been back regularly for early-morning hunting in the area.

 “She was so friendly at the drive-up window,” he says.

Ellis says Anderson always is ready with a big smile and a laugh and that that’s something “if you can laugh at 6:30. It’s hard to do sometimes.”

“I looked forward to it every time.”
Ellis owns Ergonomic Solutions Inc. and started Kanai with his wife, Penny, before selling it three years ago.

He drove through the Lane Enterprises McDonald’s for lunch Monday, and Anderson asked him if he knew anyone who might have a cheap vehicle for sale.

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