(Good News) Hundreds attend memorial service for veteran with no known family

ABC 7 News – ELGIN, OK (TNN) – Hundreds of people attended a memorial service Wednesday afternoon for a retired veteran who didn’t have any known family members. The service for Retired Sergeant First Class Michael Burke the Fourth, who died back in February, was held at Fort Sill National Cemetery.

People came from different areas of the state to pay their respects and most everybody there didn’t know Burke, but they felt that coming today was the right thing to do.

It touched many and even brought some to tears. LeRoy Baxter, who never met Burke, closed his business to attend the service after seeing the story on the news to pay his respects.

“He doesn’t have any family, but he actually really does, and people care and take time out of their schedules to come out and pay their respects,” Baxter said.

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