(Good News) Choking woman saved by doctor filling in as busboy at suburban restaurant


WINNETKA, Ill. — It was a very lucky St. Patrick’s Day for a woman in need of a life-saving assist at a Winnetka restaurant over the weekend.

A last-minute staffing issue left the Trifecta Grill in need of a busboy to fill in during the busy holiday weekend. Waitress Alina Benge had an idea: she would call her dad, who had recently retired.

“Just because he’s had the time on his hands. He’s been around the house, and you know, not doing a whole lot,” Benge said.

Her dad is Dr. Bill Benge, a retired Harvard-trained cardiologist, who jokes he traded his white coat for a white apron.

More: https://wgntv.com/2019/03/18/choking-woman-saved-by-doctor-filling-in-as-busboy-at-suburban-restaurant/