Fox News ‘accidentally’ broadcast graphic showing they’re the least trusted news network

The offending graphic was broadcast during a discussion on Sunday morning – and removed seconds later on the orders of host Frank Luntz (Picture: Fox News/Twitter)

Fox News have accidentally broadcast a graphic showing that they are the least trusted major news network.

The broadcaster displayed the Monmouth University poll results during its Tight Shot show Sunday, with less than a third of Americans trusting it more than President Trump.

By comparison, almost half of Americans trusted CNN – the president’s most hated news source – more than him.

And 45 per cent of people questioned said they trusted CNBC more than the Commander-in-Chief.

The blunder appeared to spark minor panic in the studio, with presenter Howard Kurtz saying: ‘That is not the graphic we are looking for.

‘Hold off. Take that down please.’

He had been expecting to see statistics showing that over three quarters of the public thought that the media reports ‘fake news’ ‘regularly or occasionally.’

The Rupert Murdoch-owned network is famous for its right-wing stance, and support for President Trump.

And he has returned the favor, regularly tweeting his respect for the network, and hailing its commentators insights while denouncing other points made by rivals.

However Kurtz later claimed it had always been his plan to share the graphic with viewers, and that it had only been broadcast too early.