Famous Events That Never Actually Happened

In history class, we had reasons to believe everything we were told, but some of these famous events never actually happened. While we can usually rely on our teachers to give us the truth about the past, they can sometimes be misinformed. You might be surprised to hear Paul Revere never truly claimed the British were coming nor was he even riding alone. The truth is that1800’s poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow created that entire narrative. If you’re a history buff, you probably have heard the story of George Washington cutting down the cherry tree, but have you heard of Mason Locke Weems? He fabricated the entire story. While Benjamin Franklin might be credited for discovering electricity, it had already existed before his famous kite experiment. Franklin simply proved lightning to be electricity, an experiment that would later be explained in a letter to French scientist Thomas-Francois Dalibard. Even though he sailed the ocean blue in 1492, Christopher Colombus never truly discovered America. Not only were millions living there before, Leif Erikson is believed to have landed about 500 years prior to Colombus. Maybe more disappointing, even a story as sacred as Marie-Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake”, a response to the people of France without bread, isn’t exactly accurate. While fitting for an out-of-touch princess in France, this phrase was commonly used long before Marie-Antoinette’s time, mostly to poke fun at the rich. If these legends prove anything, even history should be fact-checked.