Extra Dumbasses

West Park, Florida deputies pulled over 26-year-old Duewayne Dixon on Sunday afternoon for riding an all-terrain vehicle in the streets of his neighborhood. Deputies were just going to give Dixon a citation until his sister Francheska Turull and her husband, Jessie Hernandez, showed up. Apparently, the couple had a problem with Dixon getting a ticket and got into a verbal altercation with the deputies. The jawing escalated into a physical confrontation with Hernandez, with Francheska joining in the melee. When it was all over, instead of Dixon just getting a ticket, he was arrested along with Hernandez and Francheska.


Four men forced their way into a Houston home early Saturday in what was intended to be a home invasion robbery. Unfortunately for the robbers, they failed to consider the homeowner might have a gun. They found out the hard way as one of the alleged robbers was shot to death at the scene. Two others fled in a vehicle and hit a pole two blocks away, leaving another man dead in the vehicle, and the other collapsed a block away and later dying at a hospital. The fourth man was apprehended at the scene with a leg wound, although police said the homeowner wasn’t hurt.


East Palo Alto, California’s Akilah Hasan did a live stream on Sunday afternoon in which she invited her followers to a party. Unfortunately, this was after Akilah had broken into a stranger’s home and grabbed his cellphone. Akilah continued her live feed as she stripped to her underwear and walked into the backyard, giving the homeowner the opportunity to lock her out and call police. Officers put an end to her party by arresting her on burglary and robbery charges. Police said it isn’t yet known whether Akilah had been using alcohol or drugs before or during the incident, but it would seem highly likely.


Gigi Wu is known to online fans as the ‘Bikini Hiker’ for climbing mountains around the world in skimpy swimwear. Last year, Gigi spent 127 days hiking and on Christmas Eve she shared an image of her bruised legs from a fall she said she was lucky to survive. On January 11th, Gigi went hiking in Taiwan’s Yushan National Park and wasn’t so lucky. After taking another tumble and falling some 60 feet down a ravine, she placed an emergency call saying she was unable to move. Had Gigi been wearing warmer clothing, she might’ve survived the near-freezing temperatures before rescuers found her body.


Ronald Jenkins stopped in to a Jacksonville, Florida KFC on the night of December 29th where he observed drive-thru worker Shade Simmons take his money and then handle food without washing her hands or putting on gloves. When Shade noticed Jenkins filming the incident, she threw him some shade by flipping him off. Later that night, Jenkins showed the video to police, which also showed Shade tossing the bag containing his order at him, striking his camera. An officer paid a visit to KFC and would’ve issued Shade a notice to appear had she not stated that she wouldn’t show up for the court date. That having been said, the officer arrested Shade on misdemeanor battery with no injury charges and she spent two days in jail before posting bond


A lot of people in Montreal were disappointed on Sunday as the city’s annual Festival of Snow was canceled. The event is held so that people can ‘discover and celebrate the joys of winter.’ Unfortunately, last weekend’s Festival of Snow had to be canceled due to a winter snowstorm.