Extra Dumbasses

Lexington, Kentucky’s 48-year-old Sunita Jairam wanted to teach her son a lesson on Saturday night. Unfortunately, the lesson began after a day of Sunita drinking ‘a bunch of beer’ and involved taking her son out for a drive in her car at speeds of up to 150 mph. The son later told police he tried several times to get out of the car, but couldn’t because the door was locked. The son never said what lesson she was trying to teach him, but he did learn what it was like to see his mom arrested on charges of drunken driving and endangering the welfare of a minor.


Police in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania received a 9-1-1 call from a man on Saturday night saying he thought his son had been shot by his wife. Police surrounded the house and ordered nearby residents to shelter in place. The standoff ended after about two-and-a-half hours when the man thought to have been shot returned to the house. The man said he’d been out for a walk, while his wife had left the house before police arrived.


A woman and two men pulled over to the side of the road in Leduc, Canada last Friday afternoon when their car ran out of gas. Unfortunately for them, they soon received assistance from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It was unfortunate for the trio because, in their conversations, the officers discovered that the woman was wanted on an outstanding warrant. After finding that one of the men was in medical distress, officers then discovered the two men were also wanted on outstanding warrants. As if they weren’t in enough trouble already, a subsequent search of their stolen vehicle turned up some 900 grams of meth and 85 grams of what they believe is cocaine. Needless to say, police later said the trio is facing “a multitude of charges.”