Extra Dumbasses

Terre Haute, Indiana, police were recently involved with a standoff with accused murderer Michael R. Reynolds, who barricaded himself inside his home. At some point during the 20-hour standoff, Reynolds managed to sneak out of the house, go shopping at Walmart, and then return home and sneak back inside. Police say they’re baffled as to why Reynolds returned home after he managed to escape. Unfortunately, they’ll never get their answer as the 20-hour standoff ended when Reynolds emerged from the house and was shot to death by the SWAT team after he threatened them with a gun.

Stephanie Henry Pruett has been arrested and faces up to 20 years in prison after she added another child to her family. Unfortunately, that child was a 17-year-old student at Alabama’s Weaver High School that she’s accused of having a sexual relationship with. While Stephanie’s marriage would seem to be in doubt, Weaver High will have to find a new teacher for their Bible as Literature class.

The NY Post claims the NYPD arrested Iron Man yesterday for swiping a $20 bill from a Times Square tourist. Khalid Lahmadi was playing Tony Stark on 42nd Street when he took a picture with a tourist, who offered him a $5 tip. Khalid reached into the man’s wallet and stole the $20 bill before he was hauled off to jail and charged with grand larceny

The BBC claims the Thames Valley, England police recently stopped Homer Simpson. The driver handed cops a fake license that had Homer’s picture and his Springfield address. Officers immediately seized the car and arrested the driver for not having insurance or a proper license.