Extra Dumbasses

A Las Vegas driver was carefully pulling a U-Haul truck into the driveway of a home on Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, it was at that moment that the driver’s shoelace became stuck on the accelerator. The end result was the U-Haul ending up in the backyard pool. Perhaps luckily, the pool was empty at the time and a special heavy-duty tow truck had to be brought in to hoist the U-Haul out of the pool. While the driver may have saved on moving expenses, the tow cost $3,000. (See here)


An unnamed New Jersey resident recently went to a drive-in movie. Unfortunately, the Regal Cumberland Mall Stadium Theater doesn’t have drive-in facilities. At least they didn’t until this unnamed movie lover crashed into the emergency exit doorway on Wednesday afternoon. The driver received only minor injuries and firefighters also had to assist the tow truck driver when his vehicle’s back wheels got mired in mulch as it was pulling the wrecked car from the doorway.


British mom-to-be Emma Tetlow was shopping for her daughter’s first outfit when she happened upon a onesie that left her gobsmacked. The onesie Emma saw had images of women’s breasts all over it. Emma quickly snapped a photo to send to her mum before realizing that the design was actually pictures of owls that looked like boobs when upside down. (See here)


The Daily Mail claims 9 year-old Lily Mason, of Nottingham, England, wears a panda onesie to school because she is allergic to her school uniform. Her body will break out in a burning rash if she wears the uniform. Lily also has food allergies which limit her diet to only nine foods. The rest of Lily’s classmates wear daily uniforms


Extra Ireland claims three-year-old Jack Lynch, of Cork, Ireland, recently got his head stuck in his toilet training seat. His mother Caroline called for help after unsuccessfully trying to free him with cooking oil. Caroline brought Jack to a fire station were firefighters were able to free him.


The Smoking Gun claims a Palm Harbor, Florida man was recently charged with obstruction after telling cops that his name was “Ben Dover.” The man, whose real name is Andrew Leighton, gave a fake name in an attempt to avoid a trespassing citation. He then fled before being chased down and arrested.


The Vienna Patch claims a Vienna, Virginia woman recently tossed burritos at a CVS worker. The unidentified woman was paying for her burritos when she asked the cashier for cigarettes. She got mad and started tossing her burritos at the employee when told the store does not sell cigarettes. The suspect then fled.