Extra Dumbasses

With Hurricane Florence battering the Carolinas, someone went to a website called BreakYourOwnNews.com and took a screen capture of a TV news report on the storm and added graphics stating that the hurricane contained sharks. Sadly, some people actually believed it was Sharknado come to life and the story had to be debunked.


In Missouri, a new newspaper has come along to replace the recently-shuttered Waynesville Daily Guide. Plans have been announced for a new, weekly newspaper that’ll be published in the nearby town of Uranus, Missouri. The new newspaper will be called “The Uranus Examiner.” Louie Keen, the man considered to be the “Mayor of Uranus,” is backing the new newspaper, while Waynesville Mayor Luge Hardman is refusing to put any of the legal notices his city is required to publish in The Uranus Examiner. Mayor Hardman said, “No. I’m sorry. But, the innuendo of that title puts my city up for public ridicule, and I will not be a part of it.”


Inside Edition recently did an investigation into a rash of vehicle break-ins in San Francisco. Their crews were filming as thieves broke into their bait car and stole a purse and a speaker. Both items were fitted with GPS tracking devices and while the purse was later found in a garbage can, the reporter confronted the guy that stole the speaker, who just put it down and walked away. However, while the reporter interviewed a person whose surveillance camera caught the vehicle break-in, they missed another story. At some point during the interview, Inside Edition’s camera crew van was broken into, with the thieves getting away with thousands of dollars worth of gear.


An unnamed man was driving with a friend in the carpool lane of a San Francisco Bay Area highway when he was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol. It turned out that the man’s friend was Venom from the Spider-Man movies. Actually, it wasn’t the real Venom, but a dummy that sort of resembled him. The driver turned out to be the dummy as he felt the venom of the CHP, who slapped him with a $400 carpool lane violation ticket. The CHP later tweeted, “We like Marvel characters too but don’t pretend like you’re not trying to cheat the system…. here’s your CARPOOL ticket. (See tweet here)