Even More Dumbasses

New Home, Minnesota’s 41-year-old Tasha Schleicher is among the tops in the nation at her craft. Unfortunately, Tasha’s craft is being arrested on DUI charges. Tasha has been dubbed one of “the worst DUI offenders in the country” and her latest arrest came on Monday in Riverside, Illinois. Tasha was arrested when police found her passed out behind the wheel of her car at a gas station with an open bottle of Crown Royal in the front seat after having tried to fill her car with kerosene instead of gasoline. If you’re keeping score, Tasha has six DUIs in six states on an apparent nationwide tour and in one incident she was nursing one of her 11 children while driving drunk.


Rock Hill, South Carolina’s 76-year-old Walter McCorkill called police after finding the word “Black” written in chalk on his driveway. Under each letter of the word “Black” were the words: “Blind, Lost, And, Can’t, Kill.” Walter feared it might be a threat since his daughter and her boyfriend live at the home and are in an interracial relationship. However, upon further investigation, Walter discovered the culprit was his daughter’s boyfriend, who was making an artistic statement.


Santa Cruz, California’s Tyler Davis was on his way to court Wednesday morning when he lost control of his car and slammed into a pole. It’s not known what Davis was due in court for, but we have a pretty good idea what his next appearance before a judge will regard. That’s because Tyler was arrested after police say he was under the influence of drugs when he crashed into a utility pole. Incidentally, a sign was posted on the pole reading, “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here.”


Manhattan residents Bob and Sandi Durell received a notice in the mail from the Department of Finance Parking Violations Bureau saying they owed $100 for two unpaid tickets. However, the Durells claimed innocence, mostly because they don’t have a car. While they were able to clear one of the tickets, the Durells were still on the hook for a license plate violation, even though they supplied proof they’d turned the plates in to the DMV. Despite that, the Durells received another notice, this time adding a $30 penalty to the fine and threatening to turn the case over to a collection agency. They finally contacted a local TV station, who stepped in and, after submitting their paperwork for a third time, they’re finally off the hook.


The Northwest Florida Daily News claims the DeFuniak Springs, Florida police recently arrested a 24 year-old man after he got drunk and taunted them. Deputies tried to stop the man after they saw him drinking a beer and doing donuts on an ATV on a country road. The man told cops ‘come and get me’ before taking off. Officers chased the man before letting him go. They charged him with reckless driving and fleeing after they spotted his ATV in his driveway the next day. The man said he was too drunk to remember the incident.


Santa Cruz, California, carpenter Randy Colpek could be the next Don Draper. Randy says he drinks 18 cans of Kirkland Signature Light Beer every day. The good news for Randy is that it’s not a budget buster, as it’s a cheap beer sold only at Costco. However, Randy loves the beer so much; he attempted to make a TV commercial for it and shared the outtakes on YouTube. Randy’s slogans include: “Kirkland Light: It’s 11 a.m. somewhere.” “Kirkland Light: Give me a Kirkland, a coozy and a floozy!” “Kirkland Light: Got a drinking problem? Now you got a drinking solution!”